Apple iPod Mini Guardian All-Weather Bicycle Holder, Black

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The Guardian Bicycle Phone Mount is a well-constructed and waterproof bicycle holder designed to keep your phone safe during your commute. The Guardian is constructed from quality leather and nylon and features a secure zip closure for easy accessibility. It is 100% waterproof and will keep your phone safe and dry in rainy and damp weather. The included foam pads create a perfect fit for your device. This heavy-duty phone holder is easy to install, its adjustable clasp is compatible with a wide range of handlebar thickness, and its pivot joint adjust 360 degrees to position your phone at various angles. The transparent screen cover allows you to view your phone's display and use its touchscreen functionality without having to remove your phone from the case. A headphone hole along the side of the case allows you to string your headphones through the case and listen to your music while you ride.

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