Leatt Brace C-Frame Knee Brace Pair Small/Medium Carbon

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An entirely new approach to further help prevent knee injuries for motorcycle, ATV and snowmobilers. No knee brace can prevent all foreseeable knee injuries but Leatt laboratory engineers and other medical professionals have come up with a radical departure in design to help further reduce injuries over what traditional acage typea knee brace designs can do. Based on three point force distribution, the C-Frame has a super stiff C-arm mono hinge design for maximum force control. Having a single hinge, mounted towards the outside of the rideras knee means the rider can better grip the bike with the inside of their knee that is closer to the bike than other designs allow. A comfortable, low profile shin bone plate replaces traditional arms for better comfort and better rotation control. This plate also allows rider with larger calf muscles to wear a knee brace for the first time. InteliLink hinge with double pivot points, ferro-ligaments and sealed bearings inside better replicate natural knee motion and have a very long lifespan. Vented upper leg plates eliminate the narrowly focused sideways forces on the soft tissues of the thigh. This increases sideways bending of the knee as well as helps reduce rotational forces. It also allows for better fitment on more shapes/sizes of legs without the need for expensive custom molds. Leatt engineers also felt that knee cap protection could be improved by placing a comfortable CE impact certified protector onto a knee brace sock that is worn with the brace. This not only absorbs far more impact, it is very comfortable and better insures the knee cap is where it belongs through the whole ride or crash. 3-point force distribution. Super stiff mono hinge construction. Adjustable soft lock outs help prevent hyperextension. Super low profile of inner knee for better bike control. X-straps on thigh and calf for better fitment. Integrating sock with CE certified knee protector included. Leatt signature 3D design for the best possible fit. Sold in pairs.

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