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This course covers the standards of conduct and ethical judgment by addressing the different concepts that contribute to ethical business practices. This course will introduce the student to ethics and morals by defining both terms in order to distinguish differences between the two. The student will also learn the four approaches to ethical decision-making; therefore, after learning the Articles and Standard Practices of the NAR Code of Ethics, the student will be able to use the model identify any violations of the Code. This course addresses the following topics:Definition of Ethics and Morals The Four Approaches to Ethical Decisions Articles in the Code of Ethics Using the Model for Ethical Decision-Making Basics of the Professional Standards Enforcement Process through the Local REALTOR Board of Association More Risk Management in Action to Improve Business Real Estate PracticeThis course will include seven lessons. Lesson One will introduce the concept of ethics and morals. Lesson Two will introduce four approaches to making ethical business decisions and a model for ethical decision making. Lesson Three will present an overview of the NAR Code of Ethics including the concept of aspirations within the Pre-Amble and the Articles and Standard Practices in the NAR Code of Ethics. In Lesson Four, participants will use case studies to apply the model for making ethical decisions, which includes using the four approaches to business ethics while utilizing the NAR Code of Ethics. Lesson Five focuses on ethics complaints, arbitration and mediation. Lesson 6 will conclude the course with a discussion of unethical conduct, antitrust laws and violations of antitrust laws and professional and ethical business practices. Lesson 7 will conclude the course with a presentation of real world situations and applications of the information presented. As the student completes this course, he or she should try to paint a big picture of the code of ethics, which the course will address with comprehensive content questions, practices, and case studies.

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