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This course provides detailed information regarding laws and regulations governing disclosure requirements for the Licensee, the Buyer, and the Seller in residential real estate transactions in the state of Arizona. It will address new disclosure laws that have come into effect recently, and legal precedent that further underscores the need for full and proper disclosure by all parties. This course will also examine some very common real life real estate disclosure dilemmas, and offer expert advice on how to handle them. We will also review what the Arizona Department of Real Estate requires to be disclosed by licensees and brokers, as well as some of the accepted disclosure forms provided by the Arizona Association of Realtors. Lesson 1 will review the Licensees disclosure obligations to client and others, disclosure obligations to the Department of Real Estate, as well as sellers and buyers disclosure obligations to each other. Lesson 2 will discuss common material facts warranting disclosure, and liability for failure to disclose, as well as common red flags in a real estate transaction and your obligations regarding advising buyers and sellers of these red flags . We will also review Home Owners Association disclosures, area disclosures, obtaining information, and how to avoid inadvertent non-disclosures. Lesson 3 will review disclosure documents that should be used in residential real estate sales.As the student completes this course, he or she should try to develop a full understanding of what types of disclosures are required, how best to obtain accurate information, how to advise their client in matters of disclosure, and how to protect themselves from litigation by properly disclosing, educating, and advising. The student should also become very familiar with the Arizona Department of Real Estates required licensee disclosures. Ultimately, the student will obtain additional knowledge to help them conduct their real estate business to the benefit of themselves and their clients

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