Exotic Origins Coffee Suarez Estate - Volcan Baru Indigenous

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One of life's most surprising pleasures is to taste the difference between an excellent coffee and an extraordinary one. As with fine wine, the profound complexity of coffee involves over a thousand flavor constituents that define its aroma, character and finish. The Suarez Estate was originally known as finca La Gloria founded by Abdeljad Saudi (of Arabian descent) , and he later changed his name to Domingo Suarez. The farm was founded in the year 1940 in the Horqueta Region, near the dormant Bar? Volcano. The combination of the unique features of the terroir, micro-climate and rich soil all contribute to the special aroma and flavor composition of this high-grown coffee. Volcanic activity in the area produced steep mountainous terrain with complex soil containing volcanic and other organic materials. This estate features the typica variety (70%) and the catuai and caturra varieties (30%) . Cupping Notes: The aroma has floral, red fruit, citrus and lemons. It has flavors of chocolate and delicate berries with lemon notes. It's sweet and delicate with a smooth and clean body. Critical Acclaim: Rated 90 Points by an independent Q cupper panel. Q Cuppers are certified expert coffee tasters. The resulting selections are unique and rare. Each numbered box of coffee has been cultivated, transported, roasted and packaged according to stringent protocols and carries a tamper-proof seal of authenticity to ensure its inherent value. Each harvest is packaged in a specially designed valve bag ensuring optimum freshness. Every Exotic Origin Coffee is a limited release. 528lbs 1156 boxes. Net weight per box: 6 oz. Serves 24+ cups of coffee.

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