BlackBerry Classic Dual Layer Rugged Case, Black/Pink

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Heavy-duty protection. Lightweight price. At some point, you're going to drop your BlackBerry Classic . It's inevitable. And without proper protection, a substantial fall can instantly transform your beloved device into nothing more than a futuristic-looking paperweight. Designed for a lifetime of daily use and built to withstand the elements, the Dual Layer Heavy-Duty Hybrid Case w/Kickstand can take a beating, leaving your BlackBerry Classic unscathed. A flexible, impact-resistant interior silicone layer fully surrounds your device, absorbing the force from bumps and drops. The exterior scuff-proof plastic shell sits on top and takes the hard knocks. As an added bonus, a fold-out kickstand allows you to position your BlackBerry Classic on a desk or table at the ideal angle for chatting face to face or watching videos. Installation only takes a few seconds and requires no tools. The last case you'll ever need to buy. Precision-engineered protection doesn't cost an arm and a leg. The Dual Layer Heavy-Duty Hybrid Case w/Kickstand is a small investment that will repay itself many times over.

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